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Consummate performers Usher and Nicki Minaj slay their latest hit.

"The song is really about kind of the crescendo of a relationship," Usher says.

"To have that focus even then is what has allowed me to continue to evolve," Usher says.

"I really wanted to create something that I felt would work in both our worlds," Usher says.

Usher says it was an opportunity for his fans to "become a part of the video experience."

"He's really able to live a dream that I think most teenagers would want to," Usher says.

"This was our way to tie it all together and give you something different that you probably wouldn't get from me," Usher says.

Usher says he just wanted to "make music that I like."

"I felt like it would be an incredible way to introduce music artistically," Usher says.

The R&B legend brings the house down with his latest hits and a red-hot dance performance.