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With the recording of her album complete, Ke$ha must go on a full promotional tour. But will a scandalous leaked picture and a pulled song from the ..."
Ke$ha is faced with the challenge of making her second album and struggles to find a balance between creating a new sound and staying true to her pop ..."
With the end of her tour approaching, Ke$ha plans to go on vacation to find inspiration for her next album. Ke$ha puts her vacation plans on hold ..."
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Despite finally finding a boyfriend, Kesha’s tour romance comes to an abrupt end. After finding solace in old friends and the love of her fans, a ..."
Despite losing her voice and various other bumps in the road, Ke$ha is determined to achieve her dream and play at Glastonbury. While overcoming tour ..."
Ke$ha’s headlining tour kicks off to a lukewarm review in NY but she presses on, eventually landing in LA where she is faced with memories of her ..."
Watch the trailer of Ke$ha's 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' and more!"
Watch web exclusive clips of Ke$ha's 'My Crazy Beautiful Life'!"
Watch Ke$ha Live in Mexico City!"
Watch Ke$ha Live in Mexico City!"