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Justin Bieber | Never Let You Go

Justin Bieber sings "One Time" in a live acoustic MTV session

Justin Bieber performs Live at the Odyssey Arena Belfast, Ireland, 2011

Arthur Christmas Version

Under the Mistletoe

Animagic Version

Tim Kash intervieww Justin Bieber backstage at EMA 2011 in Belfast

"If you ever want to go out with me, I'm available," says one fan.

"Thank you so much for all of your support. You've been incredible," Bieber says.

Bieber reveals that he's solely a snowboarder and he's just "OK" at Tetris.

"Hopefully next summer I can start on a movie or something," Bieber says.

"I'm super excited to see how far he's come," one Justin Bieber fan gushes.

Besides "Under the Mistletoe," Justin Bieber is working on the follow-up to his chart-topping album, "My World 2.0."

One fan volunteers to give Justin his first real mistletoe kiss.

"I thought maybe it would calm down, but my fans are just, like, amazing. They never stop," Bieber says.

Fan responses include "my love and support" and "Supras."

"I was trending everyday for like six or seven months," Bieber says.