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Adele - Someone Like You Revealed

Title: Someone Like You Revealed
Album: Adele tells the story of how "Someone Like You" came about.

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Adele tells the story of how "Someone Like You" came about.

Adele shares her country music inspiration for "Don't You Remember" and dishes on her ex.

Adele explains how one of her biggest hits came to be and the craziest interpretations of the song.

The Contradictions Track presented by Starburst: Adele pays stunning tribute to Aretha Franklin and Carole King.

Adele reveals why she chose "Like A Natural Woman" as her "Contradiction" song for her Unplugged set.

Adele talks about the revelation that prompted the of writing "Rolling In The Deep."

Adele talks about working with Grammy-nominated writer Ryan Tedder on her album 21.

Adele dishes on the sex toy-like instruments and un-sexy facial routines she has to use to warm up her voice.

Adele dishes on nerves and her preference for low-key acoustic shows.

Adele laments giving up smoking for a healthier voice.

Adele talks about how her emotions spur her writing and her wish to collaborate more.

Adele takes time out to meet a huge fan before her Unplugged.

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