Afgan: About

Unlike most artistes in the music industry, pop sensation Afgan Syah Reza stumbled upon fame in a most unexpected way. He was talent-spotted in 2007 after a visit to an instant recording studio to make a karaoke CD with friends. It turned out that the studio had just become a label called Wanna B Music Production, and they were so taken with his soulful and powerful vocals that they offered him a record deal.Their instincts proved right, and Afgan's first album, Confession No. 1 (2008), gave us hits such as "Terima Kasih Cinta" (Thank You Love) and "Sadis" (Cruel), both of which staked a claim on many music charts.Afgan went on to win six awards; among them were the prestigious 2008 MTV Indonesia Awards (Artist of the Year and Favorite Male Artist), 2008 Nickelodeon Indonesian Kids’ Choice Awards (Favorite Male Singer) and 2009 Indonesian Music Awards (Best Male Solo Singer).