Ocean Grove

Ocean Grove: About

Bands come together in various ways, usually by chance meetings, Craigslist ads, or music class- but few can say their lineup was created after sharing the experience of playing in a backing band for one of the biggest bands in the world. After touring the globe and enjoying some of the greatest times of their lives, John Taylor (vocals/guitar), Ryan Liestman (Keys/Backing Vocals), Greg Garbowsky (bass/backing vocals), Jack Lawless (drums) decided it was time to start their own project, one that would see them develop a truly unique rock n' roll sound -- Ocean Grove.

"We had been playing music together for years backing up other artists so there was already musical chemistry between us. Even though we have different musical backgrounds, we thought it'd be fun to see what happens if we all got together and wrote original music," says bassist Greg Garbowsky.

Once Ocean Grove finished their tour commitments, they were ready to record their first EP. In Spring 2010, they spent time in LA writing with various co-writers, but once recorded, the band knew the EP wasn't the exact direction they had hoped to take. They packed up and went back to the East coast- to Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

There, the band shacked up in a beautiful Victorian home near the ocean to focus on a real and more rock n' roll sound. After recording 14 songs in two weeks, Ocean Grove finally felt they had come into their own. The EP, Another Place to Stay, mixed by Paul Hager (Van Halen, Goo Goo Dolls, American Hi-Fi) and mastered by renowned recording studio, Sterling Sound (Adele, Green Day) is an EP filled with feel good songs pulling from their greatest influences such as The Beach Boys, Tom Petty, and Weezer. The inspiration for the EP came from years of experiences and all the little things life throws our way.

"Our inspiration is life," says vocalist John Taylor. "I think we have stories, hopes, dreams, and visions of the future; fears and reservations that help shape who we are. We want fans to be very honest with themselves and comfortable saying what they feel. We strive to convey these feelings and stories in our songs."

Ocean Grove might be a new band, but don't let them fool you- they've created successes long-time bands only dream of achieving. With the recording of their past EP Little Record, and the upcoming release of their new EP Another Place to Stay, the band shows no signs of slowing down. And their accolades don't stop in the studio- playing with acts such as Stevie Wonder, Brad Paisley and Vince Gill, performing on over 50 television shows, and having played two sold out shows at the Troubadour in Los Angeles and the Gramercy Theatre in New York City- the first two shows ever played as Ocean Grove.

While being proud of all their past accomplishments, Ocean Grove is ready to continue something truly special and all their own, just like their bond as a band. With their new EP, and positive outlook on all that's to come, they are ready for just about anything.

"We want to be a worldwide name- a band that people appreciate both musically and personally. We hope to tour extensively throughout the world and make an impact through our stories and through fan interaction. We are hoping for a bright future," says Taylor.