Oh Chentaku

Oh Chentaku: About

Formed in 2007, the Malaysian trio Myo, Amber and Naem came together and started playing a mixture of rock tunes with punk, pop and electro. Gigging actively around the country and doing a series of tours in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, the band has achieved much for a band who is not signed to any record label.<br />Who would have thought that the post-hardcore and experimental elements of their music would have attained such versatile results?<br />Having participated in major shows, Dublin-London Tour (2009), Winterausflug Amsterdam Winter Tour (2009), York-Barcelona Summer Tour (2010), Playden Showcase Singapore (2010), just to name a few, the band is on a roll to rock as many shows as they can. The current number stands at 200 shows and counting.<br />Oh Chentaku is launching their new album in mid 2012 and have produced several albums, EPs and singles to-date. Their previous albums include Heartbreak Ridge Was Never This Arrogant (2007) and Suitcase, A Scarf and the Departure (2009).<br />The band is currently endorsed by local and international brands and is due to release their next single “Sing It Rock & Roll” in April 2012.