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Jasmine Sokko is an electronic music project born out of a thirst for adventure. Raised in the hyper- organized urban city of Singapore, she desires to break away from its rigidity and to create music as a means of escaping a society that defines individuals as mere numbers.

Finding solidarity with non-conformists and their aesthetics, she thrives to encapsulate this spirit in her music by borrowing elements of deep house and blending them together with ghostly vocal abstracts. Drawing inspiration from fashion, dystopian film cinematography and thriller novels, Jasmine Sokko conveys her music through different shades of darkness.

Spotify Singapore has named her debut single '1057' "the must-listen local track of the day". It became the number 1 song on Spotify Singapore's Top 50 Viral chart with over 430,000 streams and number 8 in Spotify Indonesia's Top 50 Viral chart in the week of 10/10/2016. The music video has made its way to MTV Asia's Viral Charts, clocking in at No. 2 end October 2016. The accompanying music video has madeits way to MTV Asia's Viral Charts, clocking in at No. 2 end October 2016.

Her sophomore single 'H2O' has quietly crossed over 100,000 streams on Spotify within 3 weeks of its release, signifying a burgeoning fanbase for the young electronic artist. Since her debut in September 2016, Jasmine Sokko 2017 and Ultra Music Festival Singapore. And she is primed to perform at a few music festivals in the rest has played a few festivals like i Light Marina Bay of the year.